22 Reasons To Drink Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen is called the Queen Of Fruits and here are 22 reasons why you should drink Mangosteen juice.

I know someone who brought in a mangosteen supplement drink and she was selling it for $30 (her price) for a 25 fl oz bottle. She also gave me information and these 22 reasons why everyone should be drinking mangosteen juice:

1. prevents hardening of the arteries

2. protects the heart muscle

3. anti-Parkinson, anti-Alzheimer and other forms of dementia

4. anti-depressant

5. prevents and arrest fungus

6. prevents bacterial infections

7. viral fighters and prevention of infections

8. prevents fum disease

9. anti-diarrheal

10. lowers fevers

11. eye care-prevents glaucoma and cataracts

12. pansystemic - a synergistic effect on the whole body

13. energy boosters - anti-fatique

14. anti-aging

15. weight loss

16. lowers blood fat (what the heck, I didn't know there is fat in our blood!)

17. anti-tumor benefits

18. cancer: mangosteen helps in the prevention of cancer with its powerful anti-oxidants.

19. lowers blood pressure

20. numerous references to "Immunostimulants"

21. blood sugar lowering

22. it tastes good

Most people have never heard of it or have the slightest idea what it looks like, as did I until recently. However, Mangosteen looks like it has many benefits for everyone, and should be tried if you get a chance.

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