Neck Bridges For Strength

Neck Bridges

Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced


Neck bridges are a great way to add strength and flexibility to your neck, and to a smaller degree, your traps. Mike Tyson is one of the best examples of proper neck training. Many boxers, wrestlers, and MMA fighters train their neck to keep core straight and from getting knocked out. The body always follows the head. For combat sport athletes, if you have a strong neck your body, your body will become more stable and further resistant to injury.

Performing neck bridges won’t put a lot of muscle mass on your neck since muscle fibers around the area aren’t able to grow much, but you can definitely add strength and possibly and inch or two of size.

  1. Start by lying flat on your back

  2. Make fist balls and put the inside of your forearms on your ears

  3. Your fists should be an inch above your head

  4. Lift your hips up and push into a bridge

  5. Your neck should be bridged with your arms as stabilizers

  6. You can move your arms and let your neck support your body

*For added flexibility start to lower your back then push back into a bridge and repeat

How many sets/reps can you do?

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