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One Week of Customized Personal Mobile Training


Each week, you will receive a full workout plan with instructional videos. 

Workouts will be sent to you to follow through your custom app, as well as through a printable PDF. 

Progress is tracked by your trainer, and adjustments will be made if needed.


Feel free to send you questions or comments. The more questions you have the better!


After your week is over, you will be converted into the four week program. Your plan will be updated weekly based, as well as based on your progress. 

Trial Training

  • Your first week of training is one dollar. 

    There is a cancel anytime policy.

    Cancel anytime before your 8th day and you will bot be charged further and your plan will be cancelled.

    If you do not cancel, then your plan will convert into the four week training program, and you will be charged for the price of the plan. 

    Plans do not autorenew thereafter unless specified.

    After your four weeks is over, you can either renew by sending us a message or purchase through our website.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.