From the water to your living room. This quiet rowing machine feels like you've joined a real crew on the water, especially with the addition of an all-access membership. Accompany your workouts -- even live and on-demand classes -- with audio and visuals from locations like Miami or the Charles River, and rely on the precisely-engineered features to take you on your fitness journey. One monthly membership fee offers unlimited user profiles and includes your entire household.

Hydrow - Connected Rower

  • Live and on-demand classes

    Get 24-hour access to classes for all experience levels with an all-access membership subscription (sold separately). Also, you are able to join live broadcasts or choose from over 400 pre-recorded river and studio rowing sessions*.

    Redefined rowing experience

    Hydrow's computer-controlled resistance technology can adjust 100 times per second to create resistance that matches traditional rowing machines, different types of on-water boats, or even a weight stack.

    Join a fitness community

    Personalize your data and track your progress in real time to reach your fitness goals. Plus, see how you stack up against others with leaderboards, daily rows, challenges and special events.

    World class trainers

    Take each stroke with real athletes, including rowers training for the U.S. National Rowing Team, who'll share information and inspiration to keep you engaged.

    Row from beautiful locations

    Take a serene row down an iconic river location; with the sounds of birds, running water and the rhythm of your strokes in the background.

    Whole body fitness

    Get complete fitness routines that offer yoga, stretching, functional movement and resistance training.

    Digital adjustable resistance

    Industrial-grade webbed connection improves the feel of the rowing so it's smooth and efficient. You can also adjust the resistance to feel like you're on a single scull, an 8-person boat or a traditional rowing machine.

    Quiet resistance mechanism

    Clearly hear music and instructors without the interference of chain and fan noises typical to other machines.

    Commercial-grade durability

    Tested to last over 3 million cycles. All components are commercial grade, including the 10-roller smooth gliding seat.

    Sweatproof 22" HD touchscreen monitor

    With HiFi speakers, an embedded 2-megapixel camera, a microphone, a USB 2.0 connection and ANT+, WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.

    Small footprint for easy storage

    Hydrow is 4' high including the screen, 86" long and 25' wide. Plus, store it upright at 25" x 33" with a mounting device (sold separately).

    Be part of a safe water solution

    Complete your first 60 rows and Hydrow will donate to in support of safe water access and sanitation for someone in need.

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