Upright - GO Posture Trainer

Detects when youre slouching, indicates posture state 12 hours of constant use. Synchronizes with iOS and Android devices.

Upright - GO Posture Trainer

  • Train yourself to sit and stand with good posture

    This posture trainer uses the real-time gentle vibration reminder when you're slouching.

    Upright app

    Generates a personalized training program that consists of daily goals to improve your posture.

    Slim, comfortable design

    Upright GO attaches directly to your back for the most exact measurements and feedback.

    Synchronizes with iOS and Android devices

    The tracker provides you with a daily upright score and your progress over time.

    Tracking mode

    You can keep track of your posture throughout the day with no vibration.

    Built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery

    Offers up to one day of use time or approximately 12 hours of constant use.

    LED indicators

    Give you the information to operate your device.

    Bluetooth connectivity

    Enables simple pairing.